About Xiaomige

Corporate Mission: to make products that make consumers happy and return to cycling fun
Enterprise Soul: quality life

Xiaomige adheres to the spirit of "pragmatism and innovation" and regards quality as life. With 100% care, pay attention to 1% details. Xiaomige uses good cars to benefit the people, and xiaomige uses service to move God.

Business philosophy: one center, five values (xiaomige focuses on "sustainable profits of dealers and suppliers", builds and achieves win-win results, and fully meets user needs with "five values", namely "brand value, product use value, product appearance value, service value and terminal image value").

Xiaomige adheres to the core values of "people-oriented" and is committed to building a corporate culture of "love, altruism and harmony".

Through the competitive income distribution mechanism to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, and constantly enrich the spiritual life of employees, so as to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, stimulate the creativity of employees, and create a super executive combat team.

XiaomigE creates a clean and comfortable living environment for employees, establishes a life center, provides a place and platform for their spare time life, and integrates leisure, entertainment and life. Often carry out a variety of cultural and sports activities, encourage the talent performance of employees, strengthen communication with employees, and make the enterprise a warm home for every employee.

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